>This program would not have been possible without grant funding from the Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation, Rochester. Special thanks to Friends of the Library and Down Home for kick-off and finale funds, to Jennifer Rogers and Lynn Bunge for organization and staffing, and to all other supportive community members and volunteers!

Highlights: jam making, campfire stories, coverage in Winona Daily News and Republican-Leader

102 registered, 39 active readers, 57 active participants/attendees

1st prize to Weston Ohl – 35 hours read, 2nd prize to Libby Thiss – 25 hours read, 3rd prize to Olivia Obritsch and Caitlyn Ruen – 20 hours read, Honorary adult prize to Sue Holst – 25 hours read

Winners of final drawings: Katarina Miehlisch, Olivia Obritsch, Weston Ohl, Halle Scott, and Libby Thiss