>On September 30th, revered Lanesboro School teacher and librarian, Rose Bell, turns 90. An avid reader to this day, the rural Lanesboro native taught English and was the librarian at Lanesboro High School for 23 years – instilling the love of reading in her students. She has also served by turns as advocate, volunteer, patron, and Board Member of the Lanesboro Public Library for over 65 years, first joining the Library Board in 1940! Rose believes that “books open the world” and she considers words, books, and knowing how to read the “backbone” of everything in life.

It was ten years ago, when Rose turned 80, that her family honored her by establishing the Rose H. Bell Buy-A-Book Fund. Rose’s Fund is used to purchase materials – mostly books – for the Library. In 2004, for example, 120 items were added to the Library’s collection thanks to the Rose Bell Fund; without it, we would not have been able to purchase those items. Over $14,000. has been donated to the Fund since its inception – and over $11,000. has been spent on Library materials (a minimum of $1,000. must stay in the Fund at all times). At this point in the fiscal year, nearly all new Library materials are being purchased with funds from the Rose Bell Fund, the Friends of the Library, or individual donations. If you would like to honor Rose on this very special birthday, please consider a contribution to the Rose Bell Fund – you may mail it or drop it off at the Library. Happy Birthday and thank you, Rose!