>· National Video Resources
· American Library Association
· National Endowment for the Humanities

· City of Lanesboro
Lanesboro City Council Members
Bobbie Torgerson
Joe Rodgers

· Cornucopia Art Center
Michael-jon Pease

· Friends of the Lanesboro Public Library Board
Laura Thompson

· Lanesboro American Legion and Auxiliary Post 40
President Marge Fuller
Commander Dale Honsey
Jim and Ruth Ostrem

· Lanesboro Community Theater
Denny Bell
Stela Burdt
Rocky Haddorff

· Lanesboro Historical Preservation Association
Lois Peterson
Diane Roddy
Robert Thompson

· Lanesboro Public Schools
Superintendent Jeff Boggs
Denise Darling

· Lanesboro United Methodist Church
Kelley Adelsman
Pastor Marilyn Loken
Andrea Miehlisch

· Rose H. Bell Buy-A-Book Fund
Kate O’Neary

· SELCO (Southeastern Libraries Cooperating)
Ann Hutton
Mark Riedell
Angie Taylor

ACE Communications

Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce and Board Members
Julie Kiehne

Lanesboro Public Library Board
Robert Weaver

Lanesboro Public Library Staff
Elizabeth Anderson

Lanesboro Thilos Club
Char Johnson

Additional Persons:
Carol Andersen
Dave Anderson
Nick Bakke
R.O. Blechman
Valerie Bourron and Koch Entertainment
Jane Callahan
Janette Dragvold
Phil Dybing
Dale Forster
Pat Gemlo
Deb Nelson Gourley
Dr. Kay Johnson
Dr. Matthew Lindaman
Darryl McDaniel
Dr. Mary Ann McNeilus
Ralph Zerbe
All those who donated WWI materials to the Lanesboro Museum
And all others who helped in some way but are not mentioned here!